PQI announces ReadyBoost drive

Chris Scott Barr - May 29, 2007

Since I’ve been using Windows Vista, I’ve tried out the ReadyBoost feature, and found only minimal gains with various different flash drives. We’ve seen other drives specifically for ReadyBoost, but how does this one from PQI stack up?

Like the ReadyBoost drive we saw from InnoDisk, this one won’t take up any of your precious USB ports. It uses one of the internal ports that you will usually find free on the inside of most PCs. The speed of the PQI drive is superior with 22MBps read and 17MBps write.

The big difference comes in the way of cost. The PQI drive will cost around $67 for 2GB drive. That’s a bit much for a drive that you’ll leave in one computer and will only marginally increase your PC’s performance.

2GB of ReadyBoost for the PC anyone? [via akihabaranews]

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