PowerV Quad Charger for Nintendo Wii Uses Inductive Charging

Ah, wireless. We love it. Even the sound of it. It just makes us feel and warm and fuzzy inside. So, when we see something like this, where inductive charging is the norm, we can't help but want one. Maybe even two. Then again, if we bought two of these, we'd need a reason for having 8 Wiimotes, and we can't come up with anything right now. But, if you're normal and have only four controllers, the PowerV Quad Charger is perfect for you.

You're basically looking at a stand, where four Wiimotes can be held when not in use, that allow for inductive charging through the Wiimotes cases. This means that you don't need any extra wires hanging around, and that's always a bonus. Additionally, you can put the Wiimotes down on the docks even if they have a silicone cover, or have a Wii Motion Plus add-on attached. It'll just start charging.

Even if the name isn't the greatest, the PowerV Quad does look pretty neat, and it's just as shiny as the Nintendo Wii itself, that's for sure. Especially with those blue lights. It's available right now, actually, sold through Amazon, for a cold $50. It's up to you whether or not you think that's worth it. Now, it just needs to come in black.

[via Technabob]