Powerslayer smart charger aims to eliminate wasted energy, hits Kickstarter goal

Devices that need charged on a regular basis, such as smartphones and tablets, are apt to be left plugged in for long periods of time, even if the battery itself has reached it full charge. Though charged, there is still an energy draw that is taking place, which results in wasted power, and, though not much on an individual scale, it adds up when multipled by millions of gadgets. That is where the Powerslayer comes in.

The Powerslayer is designed to work with USB charging cables and devices, so it will be limited to the aforementioned gadgets like smartphones and tablets. The Powerslayer plugs into a standard wall outlet, then the cable plugs into the Powerslayer and the device that requires a charge. All takes place like normal, except when the power level is achieved.

Once the device is charged, the Powerslayer takes over and essentially severs the connection between device and power outlet, eliminating the wasteful draw that would continue to take place while the gadget remained plugged in. Beyond that, however, is the ability to turn back on when necessary to provide a needed charge. So, in this example, a phone left plugged in all weekend might lose some of its charge when the Powerslayer switches off, something that will be detected by the device's software, causing it to turn back on to replenish that lost charge.

The Powerslayer itself is a small device, about the size of your palm and with an almost retro design about it. The device is being funded through Kickstarter, where it has hit its $25,000 and exceeded it to rest (at the moment) at $31,918 USD. There are presently 513 backers and a full two days left in the funding campaign, so those interested have a bit longer to get involved.

VIA: Wired

SOURCE: Kickstarter