PowerSkin Battery Case for iPhone 5 Review

With the PowerSkin battery case for the iPhone 5 we've got an official implementation of Apple's own Lightning connection inside a tested-and-true form factor. From the external battery accessory makers behind similar designs for some of the most popular smartphones to hit the market over the past few years. Your iPhone 5 is protected along its sides and back from damage (in a very basic way) while you get an extra 1500mAh of power to rock and roll all day and night long.

The team responsible for PowerSkin claim this battery case to be able to extend the usage of your iPhone 5 up to 70%. As far as we've seen, this is essentially true. If we'd had a day where we'd have knocked the iPhone 5's power out in half a day before this battery pack, we're now reaching much closer the evening where we're in a place where we can charge up again.

As for charging: you've now got the option to charge your iPhone with a microUSB via this battery case. While the case is charged via microUSB, it connects to your iPhone 5 through the Apple-unique Lightning port. Charge the one and the other can be powered. The case works with both 5V, 1A input and output and you've got both the battery pack case itself and a handy microUSB charging cable in the box – not to mention an earphone extender.

Because this case needs a certain amount of bulk down at the bottom to be able to charge the iPhone, your headphone jack is, at first, blocked from most traditional headphone cords. Because of this, you get an earphone extender cord in the box as well – no worries for you. The full weight of the case is just 0.18 pounds and you'll just be adding 0.65 of an inch to your phone's thickness in the end.

This PowerSkin unit for the iPhone 5 will cost you a grand total of $79.99 USD and is available right this minute straight from its makers online. Have a peek at the timeline below for additional peeks at PowerSkin units we've reviewed in the past as well as announcements for the most recent PowerSkin units for your current generation handsets as well!