Powerline-ethernet technology continues to grow with new I-O DATA routers

Ethernet over powerline is one of those technologies I never really thought would take off, but given the number of new products launched using PLC - everything from streaming media to expanding your home network without relying on WiFI - I guess I've been proved wrong!  Latest is I-O DATA's PLC-ET/MY range, which offers you a choice of wired (the MY-R) or wireless (the MY-G54) ethernet distribution options.


The MY-R has a four-port ethernet switch, while the MY-G54 has three ethernet ports and 802.11g wireless.  PLC is an easy way of adding distant nodes to your network while still keeping much of the speed of a traditional wired setup, and without the potential security concerns inherent in WiFi.

I-O DATA [via Akihabara News]