Powered By AMD – On a Mac?

Staff Editor - Sep 22, 2006
Powered By AMD – On a Mac?

Hector Ruiz, the CEO of AMD was speaking out about AMD chip usage on Apple computers. He suggested that Apple wouldn’t want to be trap by Intel like other companies has. He claimed Intel is also responsible for slowing down the PC industry. AMD have very good chips such as X2 and Opteron, but as for mobile? Turion is not even close to what Merom (Core 2 Duo Mobile) brings to the table. Aggressive pricing on Core 2 Duo desktop chips also a big advantage for Intel. I really want to see AMD on Apple, but seeing almost all Mac is on mobile chip (except Mac Pro), I don’t see it happening until AMD comes up with better mobile chip in term of performance and power management.

AMD says Apple will use its chips [via inquirer]

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