PowerA's modular pro controller promises Xbox Series X gamers an edge

PowerA is back with a new controller aimed at professional gamers who use the latest Xbox consoles. The newly announced PowerA Fusion Pro 2 is a wired controller designed specifically for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles, offering everything from a customizable design to swappable parts, a physical volume dial, a mappable Pro Pack, and more.

If you take your Xbox gaming sessions seriously, the wireless controllers — though convenient — may not offer everything you need. Thus enters PowerA's Fusion Pro 2 wired controlled, which is now available for the latest Xbox models. This gamepad features a number of functions beyond what you get from a standard console controller.

In addition to things like magnetic impulse triggers and dual rumble motors, the Fusion Pro 2 also sports ALPS analog thumbsticks with customization options like using short or tall sticks. Users can swap out the controller's faceplate from the Classic White option to the Black faceplate featuring rubberized grips, as well.

The controller also features a 3.5mm audio jack for using your favorite headset, a one-touch button for muting the chat, a volume dial, and a dedicated share button for capturing videos and screenshots of your gameplay. The Fusion Pro 2 for Xbox Series X|S ships with a 9.8ft USB cable, as well as a protective case for storing and transporting swappable components, the controller, and the cable.

Keep in mind that the USB cable shipping with the Fusion Pro 2 controller is proprietary and only works with this particular controller model. Players also have the option of adding the mappable Pro Pack with four extra programmable buttons added to the rear of the controller, adding additional customization options.

The Xbox Series X|S version of the Fusion Pro 2 wired controller is available from PowerA now for $89.99 USD.