Power Up Pokestops in Pokemon GO: What do I get?

Today we get our first look at Power Up Pokestops, a new game mechanic in Pokemon GO. This system delivers bonus items and features based on the leveling up of each individual stop. TO BE CLEAR: This might not all work right this minute – Niantic JUST launched the feature, so it may need some work!

Level 0 is the basic level at which all Pokestops begin. This sort of Pokestop appears (according to the game code) to be exactly the same as a standard Pokestop as far as drops and bonuses. Once we start to level up, things get better!

After 50 points, a Pokestop moves to Level 1. That'll last approximately 48 hours, and it'll give players "Bonus Items on Spin." Once the timer is up, the stop returns to level 0.

Other Pokestop levels last approximately 12 hours, then move back to a non-powered level 0 stop. It'll be interesting to see if this system sticks, or if Niantic will move to a system where levels move down one at a time (3 for 12 hours, then 2 for 12 hours, etc).

Level 2 requires 100 points. The duraction of a Level 2 Power Up Pokestop is 12 hours, and it gives the spinner both Bonus Items on Spin and a Buddy Bonus Heart!After 250 points, a Pokestop moves to level 3. At level 3, a Power Up Pokestop will last 12 hours and deliver four different sorts of bonuses. It'll give Bonus Items on Spin, Buddy Bonus Heart, Bonus Spawns, and Bonus Raid Premier Balls.

Bonus Spawns likely only activate on Pokestops and NOT on Pokemon Gym locations, while the opposite is likely true for Bonus Raid Premier Balls. Your Buddy Pokemon can benefit from ONE Power Up Pokestop per day, and will gain 4 "emotion points" when a Powered Up Pokestop or Gym is visited.

It's important to note that everything we're seeing here was part of the game's code, and won't necessarily stick to the live game forever. Niantic is known to change game mechanics with some frequency – especially if something in Pokemon GO is broken. We might get more, might get less – we shall see!