Potential Solution for Windows Phone 7 DRM Crack in the Works

A couple of days ago, we reported that, thanks to a proof-of-concept video, it was more than evident the security behind the applications on Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Marketplace's isn' the best in the world. Or even close. Through a simple crack, anyone could easily strip the Digital Rights Management (DRM) tools in place, and download a paid application from the Marketplace, and install it on any Windows Phone 7 device they wanted. And while the conversation towards illegal downloads could have easily exploded, in which case Microsoft would have had an ever-worsening case on their hands, it looks like it's taken a different turn. The developer behind FreeMarketplace, the tool needed to crack the DRM on applications, has actually turned his knowledge over and has begun trying to figure out a solution for the problem.

The developer behind the tool is named Tobias, and he believes that he has figured out a potential solution to the situation. However, it's not a permanent fix, and it's not completely fool-proof, either. He points out that the problem with the DRM that Microsoft uses for the apps within the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace is the fact that Microsoft decided to use the same DRM for every application in the Marketplace. Meaning, there's no extra steps for a tool or program to crack individual DRM with each app. It's all the same, so an automated tool works too well.

Tobias says, "The code and the guides I gave you here will not stop piracy. Anyone with the corresponding skills can still startup reflector, go through your code, remove any checkes, remove DRM and install it on a device. YES, but it got a lot more difficult to do it in an automated fashion. So, there might be one or two who can still break your security measures by hand but the masses won't be able as there is no generic tool available."

It's not a permanent fix by any means, but it may be a stop-gap until Microsoft can step forward and make some kind of fix that works for all apps, all the time.

[via WPCentral]