Post Modern Skateboard ditches everything except two wheels

What is the essence of a skateboard? It seems that some people, for some reason, under the inspiration of some muse or other substance, asked this deep philosophical question. And, luckily or unluckily for us, they actually came up with the answer: two wheels. After all, one can't go anywhere with just a board and no wheels (unless it's a hoverboard). But can you really get around with just two? Apparently yes, but not without skill, learning, and perhaps a few bruises, as the Post Modern Skateboard demonstrates.

Apparently there's a proper technical term for this contraption. They're "annular skates", with annular referring to the ring shaped form of the wheels. In practice, these skates operate more like a caster board than a skateboard, leaning from side to side to move the user forward.

A caster board has two wheels only as well. Except it has a board. The Post Modern Skateboard does have an optional bar though, which you will probably use just for learning the ropes. After all, it's so much cooler, though probably also more dangerous, to use the skates as they are.

Despite the eccentricity and seeming absurdity, this is no Kickstarter or crowdfunded item but a product fully on sale from Hammacher Schlemmer, which, unsurprisingly, specializes in such exotic and strange items. The Post Modern Skateboard-without-a-board costs only $99.95.

Now if only it had bright glowing LED lights, they'd then make a perfect prop for the next TRON film.