Portable Beverage Heater

Coffee is one of those irritating luxuries that is a must for most people. However, a lot of us tend to get so busy that we forget about it for a couple of minutes and it gets ice cold. This Portable Beverage Heater is just the thing to keep in your desk on crazy days at the office.

The heater conveniently clips to the side of your coffee cup to give you hot coffee no mater where you are. Fuel cell technology is used to heat it up and whenever the thermographic ink changes color it's all heated up again.

Unfortunately as of now this is still a concept design, but if it did ever hit stores it would be a huge hit. Especially as busy as most of us are from day to day. Then again if you're like our very own Vincent you can just chew your coffee beans whole.

Portable Beverage Heater device [via ubergizmo]