Porsche Wheel Case Mod is Ama-za-zing

I wish I had the time, skill, creativity and parts readily available to make my own casemod. Unfortunately, the best I could come up with would end up looking something like this cardboard one. But for people, like the ones behind the Porsche Wheel, who can make something spectacular I bow before you.

This SLI-Machine Wheel PC is encased in an 18inch wheel of a Porsche Cayenne and then wrapped in a Bridgestone Dueler H/P radial tire. It sports some awesome neon green backlighting which give off a great impression when the lights go out.

I'd love to have one of these or something similar for myself. This one was sponsored by nVidia, though, to show off their SLI video performance platform.

Porsche Wheel casemod does rock, won't roll on [via technabob]