Porsche Panamera - a four door disappointment?

I'm thinking about starting a petition to make concept designers legally obliged to comfort members of the public upset when all their fancy promises turn out – when in the metal – to be shockingly poor.  Hopefully the designer of the Porsche Panamera, the "four-door coupé" that will take on the Maserati Quattroporte and any number of sodding fast Mercedes, will not end up footing thousands of therapy bills – worryingly likely should this heavily disguised test mule be close in shape to the end product.

Compared to the original sketches, the mule is lumpy and weighty around the hips.  The Bentley-a-like C-pillar arrangement is just that little bit too pointy and awkward, even when you look beyond the disguising sticky-tape.

My fingers are crossed to the point of causing crippling pain that further evolutions of shape are in the works.

Cardisiac [via Jalopnik]