Porsche may step into F1 competition

Formula 1 racing fans are always on the lookout for more competition and better-performing cars. Something interesting has surfaced that claims iconic sports car manufacturer Porsche and its parent company Volkswagen Group are considering entering Formula 1 competition. Porsche and its parent company are reportedly considering entering F1 competition if the next engine regulations for the sport, expected to be introduced in 2025, meet company goals.

Porsche Motorsport Vice President Fritz Enzinger said that F1 racing would be of "great interest" if regulations focused on sustainability aspects, specifically e-fuels. The executive said if those green aspects were confirmed, it would evaluate them in detail and discuss further steps. F1 is considering e-fuels, which are carbon-neutral fuels able to power internal combustion engines without the impact on the environment seen from normal fossil fuels.

Several types of e-fuels available, with some being bio-fuels made from biomass and others completely synthetic, manufactured using industrial processes that capture carbon in the atmosphere. F1 officials have committed the sport to making e-fuels a central part starting in 2025.

F1 officials have confirmed that Porsche is involved in discussions around new engine rules. It would be very interesting to see Porsche step into Formula One racing pitting it against the other major manufacturers such as Mercedes and Ferrari that are big in the sport. Formula 1 plans to be net-zero carbon status by 2030. Sources have confirmed that if the VW Group does decide to enter F1 competition, it would be with either the Porsche or Audi brands. Both brands have significant racing efforts in other branches of motorsports.

One interesting potential would be for Porsche or Audi and Red Bull to tie up Red Bull is losing its engine partner. Honda has announced it is pulling out of F1 racing at the end of the current season, but Red Bull will run Honda engines through the end of 2024.