Porsche 911 R to pack 500 naturally aspirated horsepower and a stick

Porsche currently has two schools of thought when it comes to power for its cars. One side of the equation wants to turbo everything for more power from smaller engines with better fuel economy. The other side of the equation wants naturally aspirated power for the purist who may want to flog their car at a racetrack where forced induction cars often heat soak and loose power.

Porsche is making cars that call on both sides of that equation with all the 911s getting turbo engines this year save a few. The big NA car for Porsche is the mighty GT3, but soon Porsche will have a car that sits under the GT3 and shares the NA power. The car is tipped to be the 911 R and it is said to come with a naturally aspirated six under the rear bonnet that makes 500hp.

The other big news is that unlike the GT3, this 911 R will be offered with a manual transmission to go with that NA power. That would certainly position the 911 R for the enthusiast who wants low-key styling and serious power for the track.

The naturally aspirated engine in the 911 R is said to be closely related to the engine in the GT3. The R promises subdued bodywork, think standard 911 Carrera looks with big GT3 power and you have the idea. The 911 R is expected to debut at the Geneva Motor Show next year.

SOURCE: Car and Driver