Popular thyroid drug recalled because the pills aren't potent enough

Acella Pharmaceuticals has announced a recall of its popular thyroid medication because the tablets in the recalled lots may not be as potent as expected. Assuming a patient with hypothyroidism takes sub-potent medication, their TSH levels may increase and their symptoms may return. The recalled tablets were labeled with doses ranging from 15mg to 120mg.

The recall involves NP Thyroid, a prescription thyroid medication that is prepared using porcine thyroid glands rather than synthetic T4 hormone. Routine testing, according to Acella Pharmaceuticals, found that some of the products aren't as potent as their labeled dosage at less than 90-percent of their listed T3 and/or T4 hormone quantities.

Hypothyroidism patients who take sub-potent thyroid medication may notice a gradual return of their symptoms, which may include everything from dry skin and depression to a swollen thyroid and weight gain. Other potential problems could also arise in some patients, such as heart issues in people who have cardiac disease and early miscarriage in pregnant women.

Acella explains that its recalled products were packaged in 7-count and 100-count bottles with labeled dosages of 15mg, 30mg, 60mg, 90mg, and 120mg. The recalled NP Thyroid lots were distributed across the US to healthcare offices, pharmacies, and more. Patients who are taking one of the recalled bottles are advised to continue taking it until they contact their doctor for a replacement.

NP Thyroid users should consult the chart included with Acella's recall notice to determine whether they are impacted. The chart features the lot numbers, expiration dates, distribution dates, and NDC numbers of the recalled products, as well as images of the round tablets and the products' labels.