Popular hummus recalled: FDA warns to check your fridge now

The FDA and Sabra have announced a recall of popular hummus dip Sabra Classic Hummus over the risk of salmonella contamination. Around 2,100 cases of the hummus dip have been recalled after a routine FDA screening involving one tub of the dip tested positive for salmonella. Note, however, that only one SKU of the classic hummus has been recalled.

The recall involves the 10-ounce containers of Sabra Classic Hummus; consumers can identify the products by looking for the UPC '300067,' the Best Before date of '4/26/21,' and the production date and time stamp reading 'On: Feb 10 Between: 18:00:27 and 23:49:00.'

The recall was due to the routine FDA inspection; the company notes that it hasn't received any complaints or reports of illnesses related to the potential contamination. The particular recalled classic hummus product was distributed to a total of 16 states, including California, Washington, Utah, Virginia, and more.

Of course, eating food contaminated with salmonella can result in an infection that, in rare cases, may become severe. Typical symptoms of the infection include stomach cramps, diarrhea, and fever. At-risk groups for severe salmonella infections include infants, the elderly, and people who have a weak immune system.

Consumers who purchased one of the recalled hummus products can contact Sabra to be reimbursed or they can return the product to the store from which it was purchased for a refund. However, Sabra notes that the recalled product is already more than halfway through its shelf life and, therefore, the odds are low you still own the product.