Pomera Digital Memo DM10 ultraportable is blast from the past

It seems like a bunch of new tech is coming out lately that belongs in another decade altogether. Take the Pomera Digital Memo DM10, for instance, this little note taking device takes notes. Yeah, that's all it does.  

It has no WiFi connection, no Internet capability at all. All it does is take notes. This thing boots off of two AA batteries, for crying out loud. It has a fold-out keyboard, a microSD card reader and a monochrome TFT LCD. Fancy!

You can only store 8,000 characters per file on a microSD card, though. So don't go writing any novels on this device. The Pomera Digital Memo DM10 will be available in November in Japan for $270. Somehow, I don't feel like this one will sell too well.

[via Gizmodo]