Pollen Pam 3D printer can use four materials in a single print

A relatively unknown 3D printer firm out of France called Pollen has unveiled a new 3D printer that has some very interesting features. The printer is called Pam, which naturally makes me think of Archer. Rather than being a tattooed drifter, this Pam is a large 3D printer that is aimed at businesses that need to be able to print with multiple materials. In fact, Pam can print with four different materials during a single process.

It can mix a pair of materials together on the fly and supports materials like natural fibers, carbon, minerals, and metal particles. The different materials that the printer handles are in the form of pellets that are placed into bottles. Pellets include materials like thermoplastics, silicones, composites, and other materials that are industrial grade.

Maximum temperature for Pam is 350C making it compatible with a number of materials that are flexible, strengthened, elastic, transparent, or colorful. The ability to weave these different materials together gives the user the chance to create items with a gradient of properties and colors. Pam has four different nozzle sizes, a heated aluminum build plate, and uses Honeyprint software.

Pam 3D printer is up for pre-order now starting at about $9,000 without delivery or VAT. If $9,000 seems stiff for the printer, bear in mind that Pollen plans to increase the price to €16,000 or about $18,000 come 2017. Pollen figures that Pam can be used to do some impressive things, such as print sunglasses with lenses at once and in different materials. Shipping will start in April 2017 and with the size of this thing, shipping from Europe will be expensive. Check out the video below to learn more about Pam and see what the printer can do.

SOURCE: 3D Print