Polk Audio I-Sonic All-In-One Entertainment Systems

Polk Audio announced they've started shipping the I-Sonic radio to Tweeter Home Entertainment Stores.  This is no ordinary radio, because it's one of the first products to hit the market to combine an HD Radio tuner, DVD/CD player, AM, FM, and XM Satellite Radio receiver in a single compact unit.  And supposedly the four-speakers produces big sound quality that's described as "lifelike" making capable of being your primary home entertainment system.

Dan Hodgson, Polk SVP of marketing is asking customers, broadcasters, and press to be patience since the I-Sonic is in high demands; apparently there are more orders than they can fill in the short to medium time frame (just build more to meet the demands).  He goes on to reassure that production is going well and they're produce a bunch more to meet demands this holiday season.

High quality, convergence devices such as the I-Sonic don't come cheap, so make sure you're ready to shell $600 for this pricey all-in-one device.

Polk Audio I-Sonic Radio Product Page and Video [via TalkRadioNation]