Polish sculptor makes a room out of old computer parts

I thought I had a lot of computer parts and gadgets in my closet, but I have nothing in this room. A Polish designer and sculptor has created this room out of some wooden studs and a bunch of old computer parts. Apparently, the parts inside the room come from three years worth of the artist's old computer gear. I think I might have 5-years worth of old computers around here, I might be about to build a new house.

The room the artist Marek Tomasik built is 5m x 4m x 4.5m and it has a bunch of space between the parts making the walls see though. It's a bit creepy and you will get no privacy. It would be perfect for a geek office though. I wonder how long it took the guy to build the room with all these parts. It appears the roof has an opening so you can get natural light in.

It sort of reminds me of what the inside of HAL looked like too. I keep seeing a steering wheel in some of these photos too. I'm thinking not all of the parts came out of a computer. Nevertheless, this is a very interesting room even if some won't consider it art.

[via Geekosystem]