Police scramble chopper to stop rampaging stuffed tiger in Hampshire

This could be a skit from Monty Python. Police in Hampshire, UK were scrambled when a citizen called in and reported a white tiger sitting menacingly in a field. The police being the right proper chaps they tend to be automatically scrambled a chopper and a team from the local zoo to tranq the beast and cart it off to a life behind bars. Then things went sideways a bit.

Apparently, no one laid eyes on the beast ahead of the major police mobilization. I can't say that I blame them, no one wants to be the star on the wall of heroes labeled "Eaten by a white tiger." Still I can only imagine the chat in the helicopter. Policeman one, "There's the Beast!" Policeman two, "What, behind the stuffed tiger!?" Policeman one, "No! Tis the stuffed tiger!" I also like the resolve of the local golfers, playing their game right until the police escorted them from the course, tiger be damned.

The tension lifted when the helicopter hovered over the beast, ready to pounce, and the tiger was blown over. The police are looking for the owner of said stuffed tiger. My recommendation is that the owner not come forward, I suspect there is a bill for tranq darts and helicopter fuel with your name on it.

[via BBC]