Police armed with vibrating glove

Anyone who is familiar with James Bond flick Dr No will remember that the eponymous villain's downfall was the lack of grip afforded by his metal hands.  Now it's looking like not only is he not allowed to tinker with nuclear fusion, but he wouldn't be allowed to join the Merseyside police's new roboglove-toting security force.


Roboglove is a Kevlar hand-sheath with an integrated metal-detector.  Powered by two 9v batteries, it makes checking for hidden guns, knives or brain-shielding tinfoil skull caps as simple as an officer sweeping their hand across a suspect.  Anything detected is flagged up by discrete vibrations.  Poor Dr No, of course, would think he'd drunk too much coffee and had the jitters.

The £200 ($390) system is being trialled in the UK area, and if successful could be rolled out across the country.

Daily Mail [via Coolest Gadgets]