The Polestar Precept is going into production

Polestar's striking Precept concept is headed to production, with the comely sedan promising another all-electric alternative to the Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model S. Unveiled earlier in the year, the Precept was billed as Polestar's interpretation of what zero-emission luxury should look like in the future. However the automaker was tight-lipped on whether it had production in mind.

Since then, we've driven the Polestar 2 and seen the all-electric hatchback go up for reservations in the US. Deliveries are set to begin imminently, and Polestar is readying the Polestar 3 for a reveal in 2021, the crossover SUV that will see its range expand into what's currently the most popular vehicle segment for sales.

Throughout, though, we've been left wondering what might be in store for Precept, and that's just been confirmed at the Beijing Motor Show 2020. According to CEO Thomas Ingenlath, "the public said 'We want it,' so we decided to build it."

Roughly the same size as Porsche's Panamera, the Precept concept is an electric GT with a focus on both style and sustainability. With its long wheelbase packed full of battery, extended road-trips were clearly on the cards. The sweeping fastback roofline emphasized rear legroom and headroom, too.

Inside, meanwhile, the Precept concept used recycled PET bottles knitted into a fabric, reclaimed fishing nets made into carpets, and bolster and headrests made from recycled cork. A flax-based composite developed by Bcomp is not only lighter than plastic or other more traditional materials, but have far less environmental impact. "These elements," Polestar said at the time, "combined with digital artistry, define a new premium luxury that surpasses the conventions of leather, wood and chrome."

It's something Polestar is eager to see translate from concept to production Precept, too. "Consumers want to see change from this industry – not just dreams," Ingenlath argues. "Now, Precept becomes an even stronger statement. We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our cars and our business. The aim has to be climate neutrality, even though I recognize that is a long-term goal."

Product development is already underway, and Polestar says it plans to build Precept at a new production facility in China.

Still, there's plenty left to decide. We don't know when, exactly, production will kick off, though it seems almost certain that Precept will follow Polestar 3. After all, the crossover has a head-start to market, being based on the same core architecture as the Polestar 2. Pricing, electric range, how many motors will be fitted and how powerful they'll be, and just how much of the design and technology in the concept can be brought to life is also still uncertain.

Nonetheless it's hard not to be excited at the prospect. The electric car segment arguably needs more compelling options, particularly that aren't just aping old visions of what a car "should" be, and that's something Precept seems willing and eager to address. For now, patience is the name of the game.