Polaroid point-and-shoot coming in 2009; no shaking required

Brenda Barron - Aug 13, 2008, 2:09am CDT
Polaroid point-and-shoot coming in 2009; no shaking required

Fans of the Polaroid camera were greatly dismayed when it was discontinued. Even though the picture quality was lackluster, there was just something about the instant gratification of a photo appearing as soon as you took the picture. But it looks like Polaroid has heard all of your cries and will be releasing a digital camera with a built-in PoGo Bluetooth printer.

Polaroid tried to recapture the market earlier this year with the PoGo Bluetooth Printer, which could fit in your pocket and produced 2″x3″ prints using Zink technology. But this was just a printer.

Come next year, the next Polaroid venture will be a point-and-shoot and printer combined, bringing back that instant satisfaction of the old Polaroid camera with modern-day quality. These prints will be larger, at 4″x3″ and Amateur Photographer magazine is currently taking reader suggestions as to what Polaroid should be included in the new camera and some will be implemented in the final design. I say they should bring back the shake handle. Sure, you don’t need to shake it, but wasn’t that half the fun of old photos?

[via Stuff.tv]

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