Polaroid offers special pink PoGo printer

I have many memories from my childhood from holidays and other special occasions of those old Polaroid instant cameras. My brother and I would fight over who got to shake the picture until it developed. Those cameras are gone, but Polaroid does have its PoGo portable printer, which is sort of the instant camera for modern times.

Polaroid has announced a new special edition PoGo printer in pink with part of the proceeds for each sale going to help fund the fight against breast cancer. The printer sells for $49.99 and for each unit sold Polaroid will donate $10 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Other than the donation to cancer research and the pink hue, the PoGo is the same that we talked about back in June. The pink printer produces 2 x 3 borderless prints from cell phones and digital cameras without needing ink. Prints are produced in 60 seconds and a rechargeable battery that can print 15 photos per charge powers the device.