Polaroid Hi-Print revives the retro dream without ink

There's a tiny pocket-sized printer in the mix this week, made to print your photos in a moment without ink. The device is called the Polaroid Hi-Print and it'll "print" your photos with a dye-sublimation process for ultimate ease of use. What's more – each photo printed doubles as a sticker.

Each print from this printer is credit card-sized and full color. You'll use your smartphone as the controller for this device, allowing you to print whatever you've got available onto these 2.1-inch by 3.4 inch (54 x 86mm) sized dye-sub papers.

The printer comes with two cartridges, each cartridge has 20 prints. The printer can remain plugged in for power, or charged up with enough power to last a full 20 photos completely wirelessly. That's what Polaroid suggests – we'll make sure of it when we get our review unit soon!

This is the first "instant digital product" to carry the new Polaroid rebrand – which occurred in March of 2020. You'll find elements of the retro, classic Polaroid matched with modern, classy, futuristic design elements for a product that'll be ideal for a "just about anybody" sort of gift.

NOTE: If this printer works as well as the Polaroid Zip printer we reviewed all the way back in the year 2015, it'll be a win. This new printer looks more modern and likely prints with just-as-neat a process as that device did a half-decade ago. It all still connects with Bluetooth to both Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad) devices: as it did, so it still does.

The Polaroid Hi-Print 2x3 Pocket Photo Printer will be sold at stores such as Best Buy, UrbanOutfitters (dot com), Amazon, and Target starting on September 10. This printer will cost approximately $100 USD, and it'll contain two cartridges of photo paper (20 sheets each). Each individual cartridge will cost around $17 after that.