Polaroid brings instant photo printing back with 300 Instant Camera

When I was a kid, all my relatives had those big Polaroid cameras that shot normal size prints out the font as soon as you took the pic. We have photo albums stuffed with the pictures and my dad used his until the film stopped being made.Polaroid has unveiled a new version of that old-school Polaroid camera called the 300 Instant Camera. The 300 prints photos that are business card size, just like the PoGo printer Polaroid has been offering for a while. The camera sells for $89.99 and has integrated flash, four scene settings, and gets power from four AA batteries.

A rechargeable battery is also included. I'm not sure why the camera ships with a rechargeable battery and disposable batteries too. The film that goes along with the camera is $9.99 for ten exposures and both the camera and film are available now.