Polaroid and Sakar show off new camcorder line

I'm sure almost everyone out there is familiar with the name Polaroid. If you grew up in the 80s, someone you knew had one of those Polaroid instant cameras that spit photographs out the front. Polaroid and Sakar have announced a new line of easy-to-use and compact camcorders, including one of the world's thinnest and lightest full HD resolution units.

The new line of Polaroid camcorders includes the iD820, iD879, iD450, and the iD640. The first camcorder is the iD820 being called one of the world's thinnest and lightest true 1080p HD camcorders. The body of the camcorders only a half-inch thick and features a three-inch touchscreen that supports gestures. The camera has 12-megapixel resolution and weighs less than 4 ounces.

The camcorder features dual stream recording allowing you to record two sets of video on the memory card at one time. The dual videos give you one full HD stream and one stream at less resolution for uploading the YouTube. The camera will sell for $179.99. The iD879 is a camcorder that also features a three-inch touchscreen supporting gestures and it has five times optical zoom. The camera has dual memory card slot supporting both microSD and SD cards for storage. The camera is also a dual streaming unit recording full HD and YouTube quality at the same time. This camera will also sell for $179.99.

The iD450 has integrated Wi-Fi and allows users to stream live video to the Internet using the integrated Ustream app. The camera also works with apps for Android or Apple devices allowing you to view live video on those platforms from the camera. The camera records full HD and has the same three-inch touchscreen. This camera also sells for $179.99. The final camera is the Polaroid iD640, which is waterproof, shock proof, dustproof, and freeze proof. It has a two-inch LCD and can record 720p HD video. This camera sells for $99.99 with all four of the new Polaroid camcorders launching in mid-September.