Polar Balance combines a Bluetooth scale, activity tracker and app

Shane McGlaun - Jan 5, 2016, 6:30am CST
Polar Balance combines a Bluetooth scale, activity tracker and app

Polar is a huge player in the wearable sports and fitness sensor world. The company makes heart rate monitors among other things and has announced a new system called Polar Balance. Polar Balance is a weight management service that uses a Polar Balance Smart Scale, Polar activity tracker, and Polar Flow app and web service.

The Polar Scale is available in black or white colors for 99.90€ directly from Polar.com. Polar Balance is a system that is intended to help users reach a goal weight and keep the weight off. To use the system a target weight is set in the Polar Flow app.

Each time the user weighs on the Polar Balance scale, their weight is sent to the Polar wearable device or directly to the Polar Flow app. The app is offered for Android and iOS users. Polar Balance then keeps track of the users’ activity and weight. It also gives motivational feedback and advice for exercise and healthy eating.

The Polar Flow app gives a Weight Loss Speedometer that tracks if the user is losing or gaining weight and if they need to eat less or be more active. The goal is to eliminate the need to keep a food diary and estimate calorie intake. Compatible Polar products include the Loop, Loop 2, Loop Crystal, A360, M400, and V800.


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