Pokken Tournament gets an official release date

Chris Scott Barr - Jan 15, 2016, 11:39 am CST
Pokken Tournament gets an official release date

Have you ever wanted to play a game where you could fight Pokemon? No, I’m not talking about tossing your Pokeball out, and selecting some attacks. I’m talking about playing as your favorite pocket monster, and beating on someone else’s creature of choice. If this has ever been your dream, then you’re in for a treat this spring.

We’ve heard about Pokken Tournament for quite a while, but always absent has been an official release date for the game. Thanks to a tweet from the official Nintendo account, we know that it will be launched for the Wii U on March 18, 2016. That release date is good for North America, Japan, and Europe.

If you’re wanting to get that arcade feel, Bandai Namco has announced that they will be releasing a speciali Pokken Tournament controller. While the listing for the controller originally had a release date of March 28, a quick check shows that it has been pushed back to June 30th of this year.


Keep in mind that if you thrown $25 down on the controller, you won’t be able to use it for any other games.

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