Pokken Tournament controller gets a US release date

Chris Scott Barr - Dec 24, 2015, 1:50 pm CST
Pokken Tournament controller gets a US release date

Last week we brought you the news that Bandai Namco was making a special controller with a single game in mind. Specifically, this controller was designed for Pokken Tournament, a Pokemon arcade fighter. While it was interesting to see a controller specifically designed for a fighting game, there was one disappointing part to the news: It was only to be released in Japan.

Today brings not only Christmas Eve, but the news that the controller will be released in the US. According to an Amazon listing, the controller will be launching here on March 28, 2016. While the game hasn’t been given a specific release date in the US, we can assume it will probably be pretty close to that same date.

The controller seems relatively inexpensive, coming in at just $25. While you might think that’s a steal for a new controller for your Wii U, there is one other thing you should keep in mind.

Specifically, the controller will only work with Pokken Tournament. So if you’re hoping to use this with your other favorite Wii U games, you’ll be disappointed.

VIA: Destructoid

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