Pokemon Unite's next character may not be who you were expecting

Pokemon Unite is about to get its second post-launch Pokemon. Following the release of Gardevoir on July 28th, The Pokemon Company and Tencent announced today that the next character will be joining the roster later this week. Unfortunately, this new Pokemon probably is not the one that most Pokemon Unite players were hoping for.

In a tweet posted this morning, The Pokemon Company announced that Blissey will be the next Pokemon to join the Pokemon Unite roster. Blissey will be added to the game this Wednesday, which puts exactly three weeks between the addition of Gardevoir and the addition of Blissey. It seems, then, that The Pokemon Company and Tencent are going to be adding new characters to Pokemon Unite at a pretty decent pace.

While the tweet doesn't lay out Blissey's specific moveset, it does say that Blissey will be able to heal the Pokemon on its team and increase their attack speed. Blissey's Unite Move, which is called Bliss Assistance, will let it dash to teammates and protect them, seemingly knocking any opposing Pokemon in its path into the air.

So, as expected, Blissey is a support-type character who seems to have a small amount of crowd control ability. While we knew that Blissey was coming to the game at some point in the future, many Pokemon Unite players were hoping that the next addition would be Blastoise. Like Blissey, Blastoise is featured in promotional artwork for Pokemon Unite. Beyond that, players also go toe-to-toe with a Squirtle in Pokemon Unite's tutorials, leading many to assume that Blastoise is on the horizon.

Blastoise may very well be on the horizon, but it won't be added this week. We'll let you know when more details about Pokemon Unite are shared, but for now, expect Blissey to launch on Wednesday, August 18th.