Pokemon Unite now on iOS and Android: How to claim freebies and unlock Zeraora

As promised, today Pokemon Unite finally made its way to iOS and Android devices. While Tencent's Pokemon-themed MOBA game launched on Switch over the summer, the mobile version of the game lagged behind by a few months. Today that all changed, and Pokemon Unite is bringing some freebies along with it for this mobile launch – freebies that anyone can claim, whether they're new or they've been playing on Switch since day one.

Before you worry about claiming those freebies, you'll want to link the mobile version to your Nintendo Account if you've already played Pokemon Unite on Switch. Doing so will mean that you can progress the same account on both platforms, and linking accounts is a breeze. During setup in the mobile version, you'll be asked to link your game to your Nintendo Account or to third-party logins like Facebook and Google. If you're already played on Switch, you'll want log into the Nintendo Account associated with that console and then you'll be good to go.

Once you're logged into the account you're using on Switch, you're free to claim the mobile pre-registration bonuses that are available to all users. To do that, tap the avatar icon in the upper-left corner, select "Events," and then go to "Pre-registration Campaign." There, you'll be able to claim a total of 2,000 Aeos tickets, the Unite License for Pikachu, and the Festival Style: Pikachu Holowear. Those who already have Pikachu's Unite License will get 6,000 Aeos Coins instead.

Mobile users also have an opportunity to get Zeraora's Unite License for free. If you were following Pokemon Unite around the time the game launched on Switch, then you'll know that Switch users received Zeraora's Unite License for free as part of a launch promotion. Unfortunately, on mobile, it isn't that easy, as you'll need to win 32 battles before you're given Zeraora's Unite License.

This is actually a quest track that awards 100 Aeos Tickets for 2 wins, 450 Aeos Coins for 8 wins, and 50 Item Enhancers for 16 wins, so at least you'll get some goodies as you work toward unlocking Zeraora. Again, those who already have Zeraora will receive Aeos Coins in place of the duplicate Unite License. If you're a newcomer to the game, be sure to check the Events tab too, because there are a lot of different missions that give you currencies and other items for playing.