Pokemon TV released for Nintendo Switch with videos galore

Now the Nintendo Switch has an app that's effectively a window into the Pokemon programming universe. This is an entirely free app, with free content inside. The Nintendo Switch is just the latest platform to gain access to the Pokemon TV mobile app – the app is also available on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Kindle Fire, and all manner of Android devices. Pokemon TV can also be found on Android TV, Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV devices.

The Pokemon TV app turns the Nintendo Switch into a Pokemon video machine. It's made to deliver all manner of Pokemon TV show episodes, long-form specials, and tiny feature presentations. This app also presents gameplay content from Pokemon games – video games, physical card games, and others too.

The best bit about about the Pokemon TV app is the fact that it's curated. Unlike the YouTube app – or video sections in apps like Roblox and Blockman Go – you've got a better guarantee that what's being shown isn't going to have screaming, swearing, or otherwise nightmarish material.

The Pokemon TV app was released for Nintendo Switch on August 26, 2021. This app can also be downloaded from the Apple App Store for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, for iPadOS and iOS alike. The same is true for Apple TV.

Other smart TV platforms like Roku and Fire TV have access to the Pokemon TV app through their respective app stores. Pokemon TV can be downloaded for Android TV and Android devices of all sorts through the Google Play app store, too.

Take a peek at the timeline below for more recent Pokemon news and updates from all over the Pokemon universe. This video platform is a gateway to all manner of Pokemon properties, from mobile apps to games to toys to music and more.