Pokemon Sword and Shield’s weird Glimwood Tangle stream is now live

Eric Abent - Oct 4, 2019, 11:49 am CDT
Pokemon Sword and Shield’s weird Glimwood Tangle stream is now live

When it comes to Pokemon Sword and Shield marketing, The Pokemon Company has decided to get a little creative. Last week, the company announced that it would be hosting a 24-hour livestream to promote the games, giving us a glimpse into one of the Galar region’s forests to see if we could spot some Pokemon. That stream is live now, and it’s just as weird as it sounds.

If you head over to the Pokemon Twitch channel, you’ll be greeted by a “live feed” of a forest clearing. For the most part, there isn’t much of anything happening. Relaxing ambient music plays while spores and dust float through the air, which makes for a peaceful experience without much in the way of action.

Every so often, though, a Pokemon will appear. I haven’t been paying super close attention to the livestream thus far, but I did manage to spot a Phantump lurking between the trees at one point, so it seems that at least that Pokemon will be appearing in Sword and Shield.

From a lore perspective, we’re helping Sonia, assistant to Sword and Shield‘s Professor Magnolia, conduct research by viewing this livestream. This forest camera is set up in an area known as the Glimwood Tangle, an area in the Galar region, so we’ll almost certainly be able to visit this location when the games launch next month.

This livestream will run until 9 AM ET tomorrow, October 5th, so we’ve got quite some time to go before it wraps up. Eagle-eyed viewers are likely already compiling lists of the Pokemon that appear, but hopefully, a follow-up announcement from The Pokemon Company will detail all of the Pokemon that were featured during the livestream, just in case we missed a few.

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