Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer reveals Galarian Forms, new rivals

Eric Abent - Aug 7, 2019, 9:21 am CDT
Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer reveals Galarian Forms, new rivals

Earlier this week, The Pokemon Company announced that yet another Pokemon Sword and Shield reveal had been set for August 7th. That just so happens to be today, and sure enough, The Pokemon Company and Nintendo have launched a new trailer for the games. While other trailers have given us a look at the Galar region and the new Dynamaxing mechanic, this one covers some of the new Pokemon we’ll encounter in Sword and Shield.

In fact, the trailer confirms that region-specific forms are returning in Sword and Shield. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, some existing Pokemon were given an aesthetic makeover, along with receiving new movesets and typing. Those were called Alolan Forms, so the Pokemon who are undergoing the same treatment in Pokemon Sword and Shield will appropriately be known as Galarian Forms.

The first Pokemon revealed in today’s trailer is Galarian Weezing, and the smokestack top hats that sit atop its two heads really take the whole “air pollution” theme of the Koffing line to a new level. Galarian Weezing is a poison/fairy dual type that has the ability Levitate, along with a yet-unrevealed second ability.

Galarian Weezing will be joined by Galarian Zigzagoon, a dark/normal dual-type that evolves into Galarian Linoone, just as you’d expect. In a surprise twist, the Galarian form of Linoone actually has the ability to evolve into a new Pokemon called Obstagoon.

In addition to Galarian Form Pokemon, there are also new Pokemon that can change their form in the heat of battle, changing the typing of their moves or even their ability. One such Pokemon is Morpeko, a Pokemon that can use an ability called Hunger Switch to change between electric and dark types in battle.

This trailer also introduces us to the rivals that players will frequently face off against during playthroughs of Pokemon Sword and Shield. You’ll be competing with Marnie or Bede as you play, who both also aim to become Pokemon Champion of the Galar region. You’ll also encounter members of Team Yell on your adventure, who seem to support Marnie in her quest to become Champion.

Finally, today’s news introduces the concept of Poke Jobs. As you play through Sword and Shield, corporations and universities will post Poke Jobs that you can complete, which can be claimed at Pokemon Centers across the region. You’ll be able to send Pokemon stored in your PC boxes on these jobs, where they’ll earn experience and even have a chance to earn rare items. That’s all for today, but since we’re now 100 days out from the launch of Sword and Shield, it probably won’t be long at all before we see the next trailer.

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