Pokemon Sword and Shield latest trailer shows four new Pokemon in action

Today, The Pokemon Company revealed some new details about Pokemon Sword and Shield. The company previously revealed a new feature called Dynamaxing that allows Pokemon to grow in both size and strength, but today, we learned that we'll have the ability to take things one step further through something called Gigantamaxing. As you might have assumed, Gigantamax Pokemon become even bigger than Dynamax Pokemon, and they also gain a special ability called a G-Max Move.

G-Max Moves sound at least somewhat similar to the Z-Moves that were featured in Sun and Moon and their sequels. Regular Dynamax Pokemon won't be able to use G-Max Moves, and even in the Gigantamax Pokemon that can, G-Max Moves will be unique to each species. The Pokemon Company revealed the first two Gigantamax Pokemon today: Gigantamax Drednaw and Gigantamax Corviknight.

Drednaw will be able to use G-Max Stonesurge in place of any water-type attack, which deals damage to the opponent and scatters sharp rocks on the battlefield so incoming Pokemon take damage. Gigantamax Corviknight, on the other hand, will use G-Max Wind Rage in place of flying-type attacks, which removes the benefits of special abilities like Reflect, Light Screen, Spikes, and Electric Terrain.

The Pokemon Company didn't stop at just revealing these two new Gigantamax Pokemon, as it also revealed several new Pokemon in the Galar Pokedex. The first is the fairy-type Pokemon Alcremie, who can transform into Gigantamax Alcremie and gain access to G-Max Finale, which heals ally Pokemon while damaging opposing ones.

We were also introduced to the electric-type puppy Pokemon Yamper, the rock-type coal Pokemon Rolycoly, and the steel/dragon type alloy Pokemon Dualudon. You can see all of them in action in the trailer above, along with a number of new trainers who will appear in Sword and Shield.

The Pokemon Company also revealed today that those who pre-order the Sword and Shield double pack will receive special codes that can be used to encounter Dynamax Larvitar and Dynamax Jangmo-o in the Wild Area. Larvitar won't normally appear in Sword while Jangmo-o won't appear in Shield, but using the crystals granted by these codes, you'll be able to catch them in those games.

Finally, purchasing either game digitally from the Nintendo eShop before January 15th, 2020 will net you a code that can be redeemed for 12 Quick Balls. That isn't the most exciting bonus around, but it's certainly better than nothing, especially when it doesn't require that you pre-order the game first. Pokemon Sword and Shield are out on Nintendo Switch on November 15th, 2019.