Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon for 3DS arrives this winter

Nintendo made a wee announcement today, revealing that the new Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon game for the 3DS will be launching some time this winter. This follows 2013's Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity game, and will be launching in North America for those using Nintendo's portable console. The news was jointly revealed by the Pokemon Company International and by Nintendo. More details after the jump!

There's not much to know about the game at this point, except that it'll be for the Nintendo 3DS and that it's about time a new one arrives. The game will launch in Winter 2015 (that's this winter), but a specific month and date haven't yet been revealed.

In Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, 3DS gamers will find more "randomly created dungeons" than before, and they're promised to be "greater" than ever. Though that seems to be a common promise.

The dungeons will change up every time the gamer enters them, adding to the fun. In addition, says Nintendo, players will "battle alongside Legendary and Mythical Pokemon to save the world in a sweeping tale of adventure and mystery."

SOURCE: Polygon