Pokemon Sun and Moon's version exclusives have been leaked

Pokemon Sun and Moon have been leaking out over the past few days, thanks to players getting their hands on a number of early copies. First we received a series of videos from YouTube user Kaphotics detailing the new Pokemon in Sun and Moon along with their attacks and stats. Now, we're getting a list of version exclusive Pokemon from Reddit user VanitaLite.

Of course, we already knew some of the exclusive Sun and Moon Pokemon, but this list is a little more fleshed out. Some of those previously-revealed exclusives are on this list, including Solgaleo and Lycanroc's Midday-Forme for Sun and Lunala and Lycanroc's Midnight-Forme for Moon. We also hear of some exclusivity for Ultra Beasts, with UB-02 Expansion going to Sun and UB-02 Beauty going to Moon.

Passimian and Tortunator can only be found in Sun, while Oranguru and Drampa are exclusive to Moon players. Now for the exclusives that will likely matter most to players: Alonan Vulpix is only in Sun, while Alolan Sandshrew is only in Moon. By extension, this means their evolved forms are exclusive to these games as well.

It's unknown at this point if other Alolan Pokemon are exclusive to one version of the game or if this is the completed list. If this list is complete, it seems a little short compared to previous games, but when we include evolutions, it does get a bit longer. We'll just have to wait and see if any others are revealed.

Luckily, we don't have to wait much longer to find out. Pokemon Sun and Moon are arriving a week from today, launching on November 18. There's been quite the lead up to their release, resulting in fair amount of hype surrounding the games. It'll be interesting to see if Pokemon Sun and Moon can live up to the excitement, so stay tuned.

SOURCE: Reddit