Pokemon Masters mobile game pre-registration begins

The success of the Detective Pikachu film, which itself was perhaps inspired by the success of Pokemon GO, has reignited the interest and hype around one of Nintendo's most loved franchises. While faithful Pokemon fans are waiting for Sword and Shield, others can start enjoying some other Pokemon games in the meantime. One of those is the shiny new mobile game Pokemon Masters from popular developer DeNA which just so happen started its pre-registration period today.

If you were expecting a traditional Pokemon RPG game for smartphones, you haven't been around the Pokemon franchise that long. While The Pokemon Company and Nintendo have at long last launched mobile games, many of those are simple mini games or, like Pokemon GO, somewhat removed from the main storyline.

Pokemon Masters is no different and, in fact, takes place in a totally new location, the island of Pasio. It presents many of the trainers and masters from the game and anime as well as Pokemon from every known region. The gameplay, however, is going to be totally different.

Pokemon Masters revolves around the concept of Sync Pairs or the combination of a Trainer and one of their partner Pokemon. You team up three pairs and make them battle against three AI opponents. Each Sync Pair has their own specialty so the combination of three pairs could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Pre-registration has begun but the game will launch in preview on Android devices in Singapore and soon in Canada as well. Progress will be saved for when Pokemon Masters launches in full sometime in Summer.