Pokemon marathon aims to hit $100,000 for charity this weekend

Gaming marathons for charity's sake isn't anything new. There's the Super Mario Marathon for the Child's Play charity, as well as the Zelda marathon for GameToAid. This time around, ExtraLives.org is hosting a Pokethon, a Pokemon marathon that will take place all weekend long and into the new year.

The good folks at ExtraLives.org have raised almost $92,000 since opening their doors in 2009, and they're hoping this Pokemon marathon will help put them over the $100,000 mark this coming weekend. Starting on Saturday, December 29, the team will be playing three different Pokemon sessions at the same time, each session involving three different Pokemon games.

They'll start with the old Game Boy titles, and then make their way up into the DS era, campaigning the whole time to try and raise money for charity. In total, the team will try to complete 11 Pokemon games, and they even have some extra games on the list for stretch goals throughout the weekend, including Pokemon spin-offs like Hey You Pikachu.

The event will be live-streamed online, and each of the three streamed screens will be running a different version of Pokemon, and the infamous Pokemon bootlegs will also be making an appearance. All the money that's raised will be going to Free the Children, so if you have time this weekend, and money to spare, be sure to check it out.