Pokemon Let's Go trailer prepares for a return to Kanto

Today is a big day for Pokemon fans, as Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let's Go Eevee are launching on Nintendo Switch. Pokemon Let's Go are interesting entries in the Pokemon series, with the pair of games seemingly drawing from both the core Pokemon games and Pokemon GO. Because of that, some Pokemon players may not know what to expect out of these games.

Luckily, Nintendo has delivered a new trailer that gives us an overview of Pokemon Let's Go. The nearly six minute video, which you can see embedded below, offers up a quick look at some of the mechanics and concepts found in Pokemon Let's Go, covering everything from battling and trading to catching wild Pokemon and challenging gym leaders.

Since Pokemon Let's Go is something of a modern-day remake of Pokemon Yellow, we can expect a lot of that game's structure to carry over. This means that you'll be challenging the Kanto gym leaders and eventually the Elite Four from the original games. In that regard, Pokemon Let's Go isn't very different from mainline Pokemon games.

The most dramatic departure from the core Pokemon series comes in catching new Pokemon for your collection. Instead of random encounters happening when you walk through tall grass, you'll see wild Pokemon in the overworld, allowing you to pick and choose which monsters to challenge. After an encounter has been started, you won't be fighting to weaken the wild Pokemon, but rather attempting to catch it in a way that's mostly identical to Pokemon GO.

The trailer covers a number of other topics, such as online play and transferring Pokemon from Pokemon GO, so if you're on the fence about Pokemon Let's Go, it wouldn't be a bad way to spend six minutes. Are you picking up Pokemon Let's Go today? Head down to the comments section and let us know!