Pokemon Go used to lure players into armed robbery

A malicious group sets up an elaborate trap in order to entice hopeful Pokemon trainers to venture into shady spots and corners. They then spring up on the unsuspecting victims and quickly deprive them of their valuable possessions. That may seem like a script out of a Team Rocket heist, it is actually happening in the real world, in more dangerous and life threatening ways. Missouri police report arresting four suspects who have allegedly abused Pokemon Go's game mechanics to lure and then rob players of more than just their Pokemon.

Pokemon GO has quickly become both a craze, perhaps more than its creators imagined, and has in the past few days generated all sorts of news, from the amusing to the bizarre and now to the serious. Although police all over the world have issued statements cautioning players to exercise care and common sense, as always, not everyone takes heed. Some even desperately try to find Pokemon in police departments, or behind them.

In this latest case, Missouri police report they were responding to a report of armed robberies in the area, involving, what else, a Pokemon Go player. Their investigation lead to the arrest of four suspects also believed to be responsible for other armed robberies.

The nature and context of the robberies are what made the crimes hit the news. The suspects allegedly used beacons to lure players to certain Pokestops located in remote or empty areas, ripe for the picking. Outside of this incident, Pokestops appearing in inappropriate places, like graveyards, have been a source of criticism for the game.

Missouri police advise players and guardians to be wary of going to shady places just to get to a Pokestop or catch a Pokemon. As recent events might show, however, those might be falling on deaf ears and police might find themselves playing the game to stake out those locations.

SOURCE: O'Fallon Missouri Police Department