Pokemon GO update tries to prevent driving while playing

Niantic has pushed out another Pokemon GO update, and first among the changes is an effort to curb driving while playing. After updating, players will be reminded not to play Pokemon GO if they're "traveling above a certain speed," per Niantic's wording. The game will require the player to confirm they aren't driving in order to keep playing, presumably when the game detects they're going over that 'certain speed.' As well, the update fixes some more bugs, enables nickname changes, and more.

With the update, which was just released this evening, gamers are given a much-requested feature: the ability to change their nickname a single time, so think carefully and choose wisely this time — you won't get a second opportunity to do this. As well, there are now Candela, Blanche, and Spark visuals, and more accurate curveball throws.

Another seemingly big aspects of the update is the testing of a new "Nearby Pokemon" variation with only some users. Those who are included among those users will see some "variations" in the user interface. If you're on iOS, good news: the battery saver mode is back and it now works correctly, something Niantic promised recently after getting backlash for removing the feature.

Finally, Niantic has fixed bugs, some of which are described as being minor text fixes and others that are a bit larger. For example, the problem that kept experience bonuses from being granted for Nice/Great/Excellent Poke Ball throws is corrected. The wrong Medal icons showing up for achievements has also been fixed.