Pokemon GO update fixes security hole

This morning the folks at Niantic appear to have fixed the security hole on the iOS version of the app, making this fix available to the masses on iTunes. Users will also find a variety of other fixes in the mix, suggesting that they may be on their way to Android imminently. The first of these fixes (after the security issue) is a set of "resolved issues causing crashes." Hooray for that one, without a doubt.

This update also takes out the requirement for a user to enter their username and password repeatedly after a "force log out." That'd be especially annoying at times when too many users are logged in and Niantic's servers are down. That won't be happening too many times after this week, we hope!

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Stability has been added in this update to the Pokemon Trainer Club account log-in process. You might want to look into starting an account with this method as there've been rumors of unique Pokemon being made available to Trainer Club members only – though we've not yet confirmed that idea quite yet.

The most important change in this update is the "fixed Google account scope" feature. This takes away the grand scope of permissions this app would be granted when a user would sign up for Pokemon GO with their Google account on an iOS device.

Users can find the iOS version of Pokemon GO version 1.0.1 in the iOS app store (aka iTunes, if you prefer) right this minute. It's out there!

Now, things are better. Now, users don't need to worry about Niantic having full access to their entire Google account.

If you're still worried even after the update, head down to our first article on the security hole and drop in on our step-by-step privacy fix-up to make certain your permissions are all in order.