Pokemon Go update adds avatar editing, removes footprints & screen dimming

One of the first big updates for Pokemon Go has been released on both iOS and Android this weekend. The good news is that along with bug fixes and overall stability improvements a few small new features have been added, while the bad news is that a couple have been removed as well. Before we jump into the details, check your phone's app store for updates to version 1.1.0 on iOS and version 0.31.0 on Android.

The biggest new addition is that players can now edit their avatar's appearance, whereas before it was only done during the creation of a new account. You will find this on Trainer profile screen, with the menu button on the right presenting a "customize" option. Other than a few new color options on items like the shirt, hat, and backpack, there really isn't anything different from when you started the game.

If avatar customization isn't your thing, there's several overall improvements that make using the app much easier. For example, the "transfer" option is now found under the menu button on the right when inspecting a Pokemon, meaning no more long scroll to the bottom of that screen. Also, Pokemon that have been marked as favorites are now protected from transfers, so you won't accidentally get rid of your favorite Vaporeon.

Now, moving on to what's been removed from the app. The "nearby" feature on the map screen no longer displays footprints. This was intended to show players how close they were getting to a nearby Pokemon with a shrinking number of "steps." Unfortunately, this feature has been bugged since shortly after Pokemon Go's launch, so it was always displaying three footprints for every creature on that screen.

Update: It looks like Android users still have the battery saver option available. I guess it's just us unlucky iOS users that won't be saving juice.

Also missing is the battery saver feature that was found on the main settings screen. This dimmed your phone's screen when the device was upside-down, such as in your pocket or held at your side, keeping the app open and running so you could still discover Pokemon.

Developer Niantic hasn't mention if or when the footprints and battery saver features will return, but hopefully they were just pulled because of bugs and will be added back once a fix has been found.

SOURCE Pokemon Go [iOS / Android]