Pokemon GO Trainer Achievement rewards reach raid battles for Summer 2021

This year Pokemon GO will have a new set of rewards available for people who make the effort to participate in Raid Battles. While it might seem like an obvious must-do part of the game, not all players jump in on the fun. In part to get more people participating, and in part to celebrate the five years the game Pokemon GO has been active, Niantic's making it far more profitable to take part in the most togetherness-centric part of the game.

This week, Niantic introduced a new feature to the game Pokemon GO for Summer 2021. Trainer Achievements will be "rolling out this summer" to users around the world. Much like MOST features in Pokemon GO, Trainer Achievements may appear in certain regions first, then the rest of the world once they're confirmed to work as expected.

Per Niantic, a big list of "feats" will be part of the Trainer Achievement system for Pokemon GO raids. Users can earn an achievement if they used the most Charged Attacks of all participants. Another achievement is given to users if they change their avatar's clothing or pose.

Users will see achievements marked for using a Mega-Evolved Pokemon during a raid battle. There's an achievement listed for joining a raid battle from the furthest distance of all participants.

The user who kept a single Pokemon in battle for the longest time will receive an achievement. There'll also be an achievement for dealing the most damage overall, and another achievement given for delivering the FINAL ATTACK of the bunch.

Trainers will get a medal the first time they earn a Trainer Achievement. This medal can be "leveled up" over time, from bronze to silver to gold. Your trainer will have its own Trainer Achievement Card in the game that users can share from the app – or screenshot, or whatever you like, really. This card and the entire Trainer Achievement system will appear in Pokemon GO this summer – we'll let you know when it's rolling out in the live game!