Pokemon GO subscriptions leaked in game code

Today we're taking a peek at several features that have leaked in the game code for Pokemon GO, the most important of which is subscriptions. The game Pokemon GO is released in such a way as to allow the reading of game code before said code is switched on. As such, a "teardown" of game code for Pokemon GO can reveal features that haven't yet been implemented fully – like subscription costs in the in-game store.

Per Pokeminers Toronto, the game's code had hints of subscription-like services in the past, but they've not yet been implemented in the live game. The most recent update to Pokemon GO included code for a Subscription Category in the game's in-game store. This could be good news, it could be bad news, depending on your region.

If the subscription system in Pokemon GO includes availability of items that'd normally only be available by walking to Pokestops, it'll be good news for all. While the game was made with location data in mind, the ability to play the game in areas with very few Pokestops (rural areas, out in the country, etc), was only made a realistic endeavor very recently. With COVID-19 and social distancing, further changes to the game made it possible to play without leaving one's own home.

If the subscription system in the store in Pokemon GO allows access to Pokemon that wouldn't be available outside of said system, it'll be a bummer. The game's remained largely unburdened by the "pay to win" system that plagues so many other games on other platforms. If Niantic allows special privileges only to those players willing to shell out the cash, it'll turn to a very different game, very quickly.

The other major change coming to the game in the near future is the arrival of MEGA Pokemon. Mega Pokemon are the first "form transformation" in the game. Instead of a Pokemon transforming fully into a different Pokemon (evolution, that is), it'll be a boosted form of itself. What's more, this transformation appears to be temporary.

If the Mega system allows boosts to Pokemon in battles between players, and the way to get a Mega boost is through an item that can expire or run out, the subscription system will be an obvious place to draw users hoping to stay on top of the list of most powerful trainers. If that's true, we hope we'll be able to attain said items from Pokestops too... or it'll be a bit of a mess.