Pokemon GO subscription and search features leaked in teardown

This week the folks at Niantic released a new update for Pokemon GO. Beyond what we were able to see in the game's live code, a whole bunch of new and not-quite-active features appeared in the game's build. Items like a new Ditto Extensions Library (maybe for Shiny Ditto?) and Promise Library appeared in the mix before they're ready to roll in the game proper – let's take a peek!

The folks at PokeMiners on Reddit posting in The Silph Road showed a giant list of bits and pieces about the current game code for Pokemon GO. This update includes new moves, new ways to search, and new Level Up Stats.

If you're looking for new ways to organize and search your Pokemon, you can now take a peek at Tag and XL Candy Searching. If you have the latest version of Pokemon GO, you should now be able to search for the names you've attached to your tags – cool beans! You'l also be able to search "candyxl" to find Pokemon you've powered up past level 40.5!

A set of codes appeared suggesting that there'll be an in-app photo editing feature in the future. Editor Tools might be coming your way soon!

There's a new "Ditto Extensions" library in the game's code – it's very basic. It's not immediately clear what this library will be used for, but any new Ditto is a welcome Ditto!

There's a new way to push Sponsored Updates to the game, including Normal, Scrolling, and Button updates. This will likely appear as a new way for Niantic to show advertisements in the form of sponsored events or products.

A very strange little tag appeared in the code, too. The tag "DismissAllPokemonInventories" doesn't currently appear to do anything to the live game, but may do something soon. This may have to do with searching through tags – we'll know more when it's activated.

Level Up Stats were modified with this update. Now active (it would seem) are Pokemon Caught, PokeStops Visited, Raids Won, and Previous Level Activity.

If you're looking to the future of Pokemon GO, look to subscription costs. In the game – and being added to the game over the past few weeks and months – are references to subscription costs aplenty. This week we see "SubscriptionState" with the following: Active, Cancelled, Expired, Grace_Period, Free_trial, Pending_Purchase, AutoRenewDate, and Validated Subscription SKU Info.